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We are very proud of our shadchanim. They are a fantastic group of dedicated, varied individuals who all share a passion for helping frum singles find their zivug, their life partner. When you complete your registration, you are invited to select your named shadchan. These brief descriptions should help you. Although e-mail addresses are given for the shadchanim, selecting a shadchan for yourself is done via the system when you sign up or login. If that shadchan is too busy to take on extra people at the moment, they will let you know and you can try someone else.

Melanie Calvert
Suzy Goldberg

Suzy is a mother and grandmother and is a teacher of Jewish Studies at Yavneh College. She teaches kallot (brides) and Hebrew Reading to adults. She fell into matchmaking almost 30 years ago when a simple introduction between 2 friends resulted in their getting married and she hasn’t looked back since!

Suzy lives in London but accepts singles of any age from pretty much anywhere in the world, except the USA where there are plenty of shadchanim!


Linda Sireling

Linda Sireling has been a successful shadchanit for 22 years. She recently made Aliya from Golders Green to Jerusalem and continues to be very active on the site. She is married to Lester, a consultant psychiatrist. 

Linda works mostly with the more yeshivish and modern orthodox machmir end of the religious spectrum. She also works with baalei teshuva, having been one herself many years ago! She has been on the TV a few times and is well known in the community. Taking her role as shadchanit very seriously, she seeks Daas Torah often.

Linda accepts singles aged 18-30 from the UK, Europe and from Jerusalem if they're English speaking! She prefers to be contacted via the site.

Judy Minsky.png
Judy Minsky
Borehamwood, Greater London

Judy is a mother & grandmother whose 3 married children live in New York. She became a matchmaker in 2016 when she was approached to do so to ensure some representation in the United Synagogue's fastest growing community of Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Having worked in HR for many years, Judy feels her skills with people can be utilised to try and make matches. She does visit New York several times a year, but tries to keep in touch with the site when she is away. She accepts singles of any age and religious level mostly from the UK.She can be contacted either via the site, or by email:

elana sotil.jpg
Elana Sotil
Basel, Switzerland

Elana Sotil grew up in Sydney, Australia and moved to Basel, Switzerland after getting married.  She is a qualified Financial Analyst and Writer, but focuses at the moment on taking care of her young children.  Elana has been active in helping community organisations both in Sydney and Basel.  Elana understands the challenges today of shidduchim being done across global borders and has been involved with shidduchim over the last 10 years.

Elana accepts singles of any age from any place as long as she can meet or speak with them.


Debbie Weissbraun.png
Debbie Weissbraun

Debbie lives in Golders Green with her husband Moishe and is a mother and grandmother. She has been teaching in Jewish schools for over twenty years and heads Special Needs at Mathilda Marks Kennedy Primary School. She has been involved with Shidduchim for the last seven years and is looking forward to helping more singles through

Debbie accepts singles between 18 and 55 from the UK and Europe and would like to meet them if possible.


Sarita Mandelbaum.png
Sarita Mandelbaum

Sarita is Dutch, a mother of two children and a grandmother. She lives with her American husband in Amsterdam. Previously they lived in Brussels, Belgium. She works part-time as an Occupational Therapist and is involved in a catering gemach with four other ladies.

She would like to help singles of any age, from anywhere in Europe, find their bashert.


Julie Nielsen.png
Julia Nielsen

Julia grew up in Kansas City, spent 8 years in New York where she studied and worked in experiential Jewish education, and moved to London in July 2018. She dated her British husband while she was living in NYC, and is therefore a huge advocate of long distance relationships. Julia is familiar with the challenges involved in the dating scene, and is passionate about helping singles put their best foot forward throughout the process! 

Julia accepts English-speaking singles of any religious level ages 20-40, and while she is happy to work with any single, she specializes in working with Baalei Teshuva. She requires a phone call upon acceptance and prefers to be contacted via the site.

Brevice Azoulay.png
Brevice Azoulay

Brevice is a Mother and Grandmother. She has been married to her husband Haim for 33 years and they live in Edgware. She has worked at Beis Yaakov Primary School for 17 years. She made her first shidduch over 20 years ago – and B”H they have been happily married since then.

Brevice accepts singles between 20 – 60 from UK and Europe.


Tova Shapiro.png
Tovah Shapiro

Tovah, originally from Leeds, lives in Golders Green with Glasgow born husband Harvey and their 6 children. She initially started out 15 years ago when she felt there was a need for more shadchanim to concentrate their efforts on the Baalei Teshuva and Modern Frum world and decided to help people find their other half in her spare time.

Over the years, many people have met across their Shabbos table, which is regularly filled with singles from all over the world and many happy couples later, she remains inspired by the idea that you can change someone’s life with one phonecall!

Tovah lives in London and is happy to accept singles age 20-40 from anywhere, as long as she can meet them in person.


dini pic shidduchim.png
Dini Sharman

Dini Lives in Golders Green, London with her husband Jonny, and got married in August 2014. She is a professional Pianist BMus (Hons) and works as a freelance Piano teacher. Dini made her first successful match 5 years ago between a close friend and a family friend and has been involved in setting people up ever since. She is truly passionate about helping singles find their bashert. Dini is happy to accept singles between the age of 18 - 40 from anywhere in the UK. Email:  

A Rowe.png
Aviva Rowe

Aviva is the mother of 4 lovely girls. She is a qualified teacher and now dedicates her time to her family, volunteering and charity work. Aviva has been involved in Shidduchim for several years.  In BC (Before Covid) days, Aviva, together  with her husband, Johnny, regularly welcomed guests to their shabbos table, and hosted single events. Making shidduchim is a priority for her.  Aviva has a kind and sensitive nature and emphasizes the importance of discretion when setting people up.  Aviva really wants to help you find your bashert.
Aviva accepts singles aged 18-42 in the UK.

Hadassa Weil.png
Hadassah Weill

Hadassa grew up in London and met her husband Benji from Belgium through and although busy looking after their gorgeous toddler Nathan, has recently joined our team at to help others find their bashert. Hadassa has a degree in Film and Television but currently spends her time as an Operations Manager.

Hadassa accepts singles aged 20-45 anywhere in the UK.

Briana & Shimon Simon

Briana and Shimon Simon are a matchmaking duo living in Hendon. They dated each other from either side of the pond so they know a thing or two about long-distance relationships. They work as a team, giving you the benefit of different perspectives, and are both happy sharing their life experiences. They are currently focused on helping singles in the UK.

Rachel & Beni Lichtenstein


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