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These books provide practical dating tips, sage advice, guidance and reassurance. 


Dating Smart

Rosie Einhorn & Sherry Zimmerman

This is a concise, up-to-date, highly readable book from two experts in the field, Sherrie Zimmerman and Rosie Einhorn. Published in 2013, it can be purchased online and in our local seforim shops. It is also very worthwhile to check out the detailed dating advice on the authors’ website:


The Shmuz

Rabbi Shafier

This excellent book is published by Feldheim. As one of our shadchanim says “Should be required reading for all before attempting the shidduch parsha. Everyone says they’re looking for their other half, but often don’t recognise them when they meet them! This book helps you to do that. Brilliant book!


I Only Want To Get Married Once

Chana Levitan

This book, written by a relationship counselor and coach, has been highly recommended by many of our shadchanim and by reviewers. 


The Frum Rules

Estee Stimler

Written by New York born but London based author Estee Stimler, this is a fun, user-friendly, girl’s guide to Shidduchim, available for purchase here.

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