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28th June

Mazal tov to
Dov Ber (Berry) Cohen and Esther Rosen

and to our matchmaker Miriam Nadler 

Celebrating our event success!

We've had rave reviews from our Sunday BBQ 6th September (photos below). Attendance was fantastic - 135 - with singles from London, Manchester, Paris, Antwerp, Zurich and even Israel. Our events team is busy planning the next event. To contact them e-mail
Super venue
Great feedback
A great atmosphere
Great drinks and BBQ
Nicely laid out
Stunning views over the river

Yoni and Dina Golker got married in February 2011. They met through family and have since had two children. Yoni is a High School teacher, whose subject is Jewish Studies. Dina is currently studying Counselling Psychology. They live in Hendon, London and are active members of their community. Yoni runs the youth programme at a local Shul and together with Dina has made several of their own Shidduchim. They passionately want to assist other Jewish singles in finding their bashert, and from their own experiences, they want to make the process as easy as possible.

Yoni and Dina accept singles of any age in the UK.


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